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State Fair Parade

Fourth Annual Masons In Iowa State Fair Parade Aug 10th, 2016  5:30 P.M.

Sponsored by Des Moines Scottish Rite, Des Moines York Rite and York Rite College #37

Who can participate : Any Mason, Friends and Families

Purpose: To promote Blue Lodge Freemasonry in Iowa

How to participate

1)    Talk with your lodge brothers and arrange to bring your own pickup truck to represent your lodge. You can use banners for your lodge or we can provide banners. Put 6 to 8 folding chairs in the back of the pickup and tie them together.

 RSVP below by July 30th to let us know how many people and pickup trucks you are bringing.

2)    Come alone or with friends and family

RSVP below to let us know how many people you are bringing that will need a ride.

Groups Participating : Scottish Rite, York Rite, Prince Hall, DeMolay, Rainbow, Eastern Star, Various Blue Lodges

Time : Arrive at staging area between 5:15 PM and 5:30 PM. The Staging Area is in a parking lot behind the Iowa Workforce Development building at East 10th and Grand Ave. Park across the street in a parking lot on the Southwest corner of E. 10th and Des Moines St.

Social after Parade : Cake and Ice Cream at Scottish Rite building on 519 Park St after the parade. If you cannot make the parade, come to the social.

Dress Code : Casual – wear something with a masonic emblem

Questions : If you have questions, contact Tom Megel at 515-720-9034 or at

Rules: The Shrine Parade Master is in charge. Whatever he tells us to do, we will do. We are there as guests of the Za-Ga-Zig Shrine. We will not throw candy. This is a Shrine rule that we will follow. It is much too dangerous to throw candy around all of the Shrine vehicles.

State Fair Parade