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Iron Sharpens Iron

˝As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.˝ ~Proverbs 27:17

We state that Masonry makes 'good men better'.  However, how do we accomplish this?  Is it only through our ritual, through our social gatherings with relatively light topics of conversation, through our charity?  A Mason can find many of the tools in the ritual, scratch the surface at social gatherings, and gain a temporary sense of self-improvement through charity; but for the most part he is left alone to do the in-depth research and reflection on his own improvement in solitude.

There is a desire from many men, and many who have sought light in Masonry, to truly explore and learn the virtues that makes one a good man in today's context.  This is what the Iron Sharpens Iron program is for, bringing members together to sharpen each other, as is described in Proverbs 27:17.

The true goal of the Iron Sharpens Iron program is mutual improvement for all participants, working to fulfill Masonry's promise of making 'good men better'.
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